Body art: Today’s TEDTalks playlist

TED’s on its annual two-week vacation; during the break, we’re posting new playlists from the TEDTalks archive.

Today’s playlist is about the human body, with speakers who give new meaning to our inner workings. What do enzymes and chromosomes have to do with art, and how can a stroke project beauty? Watch Pilobolus stretch (literally) the possibilities of the human body in a dynamic depiction of biological relationships.

  • David Bolinsky explores the future of scientific education with his stunning visual representations of the truth and beauty of a cell.

  • Paul Rothemund manipulates DNA with the zeal of a child. Did you ever imagine your DNA could look like a snowflake?

  • Jill Bolte Taylor’s massive stroke helps her see within and beyond her own body and brain.

  • What are your favorite stories about our bodies in the TEDTalks archive? Add your suggestions for this playlist to the comments below, or email with the subject PLAYLIST: BODY ART. (Jog your memory with the TEDTalks spreadsheet.)

    And look for fresh TEDTalks starting on August 16!

    Curator of this playlist: Rachel Tobias