Broccoli takes a magical journey in the trailer for Mary Roach’s new book

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Mary Roach is the kind of journalist who gets excited about the details of embalming, court cases involving ghosts and the mechanics of how exactly one uses the bathroom in space. So we are excitedly awaiting the release of her new book, Gulp, in which she explores the eccentricities of the digestive system. We have to admit, we are pretty amused by this trailer for the book, in which broccoli rides the roller coaster of the alimentary canal and then plays a little intestinal skeeball.

Watch the trailer and then watch Roach’s amazing TED Talk, “10 things you didn’t know orgasm.”

[ted id=549]

And bonus: check out Jon Ronson’s talk “Strange answers to the psychopath test,” as Ronson had the honor of reviewing Gulp in The New York Times.