Bumptop launches!

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Via Mashable and ReadWriteWeb: Anand Agarwala’s Bumptop, a viral demo from TED2007, has gone live (for Windows). From Mashable’s report:

Two years ago, a bright engineer, Anand Agarawala, gave a presentation at the TED conference about a new technology he and a team were working on that showed how they believed the desktop should work. Just like how people use a real desk, they believed that the user should be able to interact with desktop items in 3D, pin up photographs, pile related items into stacks, and more.

Today, that dream has become a reality with the launch of BumpTop for Windows (Mac version coming soon), a gorgeous desktop application that transforms the desktop from a cold, vertical interface into a dynamic 3-dimensional room …

Right now, the site Bumptop.com seems to be swamped. So until you can check it out in person, here’s Anand Agarwala’s demo of Bumptop at TED: