CelebrityWatch: Al Gore

AlgoreIf you studiously avoided all news coming out of Utah last month, you may have missed the fact that Al Gore has emerged a movie star. An Inconvenient Truth, which premiered to standing ovations and press accolades in Park City, catapulted the former VP to celeb status at Sundance, where he stole as many headlines as the starlets in ski caps and SUVs.

The film centers on Gore’s passionate campaign to warn the public about the dangers of global warming. And if you’re thinking that a documentary focused on Gore discussing the greenhouse gas effect isn’t an obvious blockbuster … you may have to think again. All reports (Observer | Guardian | Washington Post) have been positively glowing. Says The Observer: “It’s riveting largely because of the conviction and energy with which Gore delivers the presentation that is its backbone.”

Gore will give his full presentation at TED this month (a rare divergence from our 18-minute format). And the film’s producer, Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill) and executive producer Laurie David (environmental activist, connector extraordinaire) may be joining us in the audience. Prepare to be persuaded …