Childish thinking: Today’s TEDTalks playlist

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TED’s on its annual two-week vacation; during the break, we’re posting new playlists from the TEDTalks archive.

Today’s playlist is about kids and their brains, which hold the dreams and possibilities of our future. How can we teach them … and how can we learn from them? Adora Svitak makes the case that grownups have lots to learn from “childish” thinking — creativity, audacity, open-mindedness …

[ted id=815]

  • Who are the leaders of tomorrow? Joachim de Posada shows how to find them — with a marshmallow.

    [ted id=553]

  • Photographer Rick Smolan tells the unforgettable story of a young girl and a fateful photograph, in an adoption saga with a twist.

    [ted id=297]

  • Dave Eggers thinks like a child to create a massively popular after-school tutoring club — starring pirates, superheroes, time travel …

    [ted id=233]

  • What are your favorite stories about kids in the TEDTalks archive? Add your suggestions for this playlist to the comments below, or email with the subject PLAYLIST: KIDS. (Jog your memory with the TEDTalks spreadsheet.)

    And look for fresh TEDTalks starting on August 16!

    Curator of this playlist: Rachel Tobias