Chip Kidd designs a laugh-out-loud MetroCard

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York is strained for cash. And so they announced last week that they would be offering advertising space on the back of MetroCards, which New Yorkers swipe (often, multiple times) to enter a train station. It’ll cost companies $25,500 to advertise on 50K cards and $450K to advertise on a million cards.

Graphic designer Chip Kidd would certainly like to place an ad. He designed this hilarious card for the New York Times this weekend. See two more options after the jump, from the book designer who cracked us up at TED2012 with the talk “Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.”

Illustration: Chip Kidd
Photos: Comstock Images, via Getty Images; SMC Images; Tony Cordoza