“Coded Patterns”: Images and notes from Session 3 of TEDGlobal 2011

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Host Bruno Giussani open Session 3 of TEDGlobal 2011: Coded Patterns. Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Physicist Geoffrey West asks: Are there quantitative, predictive laws of life? Yes — there are laws for organisms because they are made of networks. Is the same true of cities and corporations? Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Architect Shohei Shigematsu: “Considering how long Japan has been in recession, this is the moment we need a grand vision. Contrasting to hypermodernization in Middle East, I’m hoping to instigate a re-thinking of how Japan will develop.” Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Danielle de Niese gives a stunning performance of Lehar’s “Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß” (My lips they kiss so hot!). Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Kevin Slavin: “When we’re confronted with huge amounts of data we don’t understand, we give them a name and a story. For instance, there’s one piece of code, Pragmatic Chaos (the Netflix recommendation algorithm), that determines 60% of movies rented.” Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Tom Rielly intros the downloadable TEDGlobal Fellows guide PDF on his iPad. Download the guide … Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Allan Jones leads a project that is mapping which genes are important in the brain by studying RNA left over after death. Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Balazs Havasi, pianist, and Zoltan Kiss, drummer, rock out during Session 3: Coded Patterns. Havasi says: “They say that every little boy has two kinds of dreams: to be an astronaut, and to be a rock star.” Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED