Connections and collectives: TED@Aspen Day 4

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Photos: Michael Brands/Aspen Institute

For the final sessions of TED@Aspen, we packed into the main hall of Doerr-Hosier for the Kids’ Table CollectiveRives, Jill Sobule, Ze Frank and the Raspyni Brothers (special appearance by Jennifer O’Donnell). Thrilling stunts and comedy and a standing ovation from the kids in Monterey capped off a week of conversation and connection. Our large Australian contingent presented the Ozzie version of the Big Questions (though — did Chris Anderson really call Australians “the greatest threat to TED … as we know it”?), and a couple of Aspenites a-a-almost won a stage prize. But more than anything, Day Four was a day to reflect on what we created here, in the first year of TED@Aspen: a community of people forming our own traditions around some Ideas Worth Spreading. Watch for reflections in the weeks to come from our TED@Aspen bloggers.

Raspyni.jpgOverheard on the final day of TED@Aspen:

Putting together the big idea that links David Gallo and Bill Lange’s work at Woods Hole, Robert Ballard’s talk on undersea exploration, and the WorldWide Telescope:
“[Forget] outer space — when do we get Google Ocean?”

In a reflective mood on the shuttle to the airport:
“There was one missing question: To be, or not to be? To have the tenacity to do something great, or to quit?”

During rehearsal for the Kids’ Table Collective:
“I’ll take the mushrooms and the double-stick tape and figure something out.”

Via Twitter, onepinktee writes:
“another big question for TEDizens: what will you do next? #TED”