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Writing the Charter for Compassion: The Council of Conscience meets in Geneva

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Cross-posted to the TED Prize blog: Last week, an amazing group of religious thinkers and leaders, the Council of Conscience, met outside of Geneva to finalize the Charter for Compassion. Previously called the Council of Sages, the group consists of individuals from the five major religions and almost every continent.


The Councilors spent two days together; they discussed the idea of compassion, sorted through the written submissions from the world, determined the key ideas necessary to include in the Charter and created a plan for how the Charter will live in the world. The discussions were thought-provoking, candid, and heartfelt. Everyone involved came away both inspired and committed to working towards creating a more compassionate global society.


Details will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. There are many ways which everyone can help propagate the Charter for Compassion and we encourage everyone to register on charterforcompassion.org to receive updates about ways to participate.


For more on the Council of Conscience meeting, read this report from council member Sr. Joan Chittister >>

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