Countdown to the Charter for Compassion on TED.com

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In February 2008, Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize and made her wishto create a Charter for Compassion, a document about the core shared value of every world religion and moral code, the Golden Rule. This document will be released to the world on November 12, the result of months of collaborative work by diverse religious leaders and great thinkers.

Today, to pave the way for the Charter’s unveiling, we’re sharing six short talks on compassion from six different perspectives — from a Rabbi, an Imam, a Reverend, a Tenzin, a Swami and a secular voice of compassion. We hope that in the week following the launch, thousands of sermons and many more discussions on the nature of compassion will take place around the world, and so, thousands of ideas will be shared.

Over 75 events are currently planned across the globe to help launch the Charter for Compassion. Help us launch the Charter by attending one of these events or hosting your own. Click here for more on the Charter >>

To learn more about the wish that began it all, watch Karen Armstrong’s 2008 TED Prize Wish: