Critical Crossroads: Session title animation for TEDGlobal 2012 Session 1

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Mission: Take chances, be brave, move ahead past the crossroads and achieve wisdom.

From the director: “Crossroads are thresholds of exchange and choice, meeting places and tropes of possibility. The crossroads in our film allow us to explore these ideas and tensions, bringing out a sense that each decision we face can feel momentous and slightly frightening, but necessary nevertheless; that when we a make a choice we gain a new direction at the same time as losing other possible directions and futures.” — David Gaddie

Director: David Gaddie
DOP: William Rexer
Producer-: The Colony
Post-: Afterparty VFX
Production: B-Reel
Agency: WE ARE Pi
Planner: Alex Bennett-Grant
Producer: Jamie Nami Kim
Creative Directors: Hobson-Chant