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Crossing Borders: A sneak peek of session 3 at TEDGlobal 2014

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3-CrossingBorders-mainIt’s tempting to want to study one phenomenon in isolation. But crime, power, money—even identity—exist in the overlap. In this session, we look at how things flow, in ripples both expected and surprising.

The speakers in this session:

José Padilha delves into interlocking layers of street crime and institutional power with his unflinching action and documentary films.

Ethan Nadelmann has ushered the global issue of drug legalization onto the center stage of US political debate.

Economist Dilip Ratha was the first to analyze the global significance of remittances — money sent from foreign workers to their families back home.

In her writings, Nigerian/Ghanaian/British author Taiye Selasi explores our relationship to our multiple identities.

Ever wondered what a TEDx Talk would sound like set to music? Grupo TEDx has the answer, cumbia-style.

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And below, check out the introduction video for this session.

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