Jill Sobule and Ethel: Together in Central Park

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SobuleDufallo.jpgWednesday night, Jill Sobule (watch her TEDTalk performance) and the modern string ensemble Ethel (watch their TEDTalk performance) paired up to play a charming set together in Central Park, a preview of the upcoming album from this partnership that began at TED2006. Backed by Ethel’s wall of sound, Jill’s sweet, funny, wise pop songs — including a knockout version of “I Kissed a Girl” — take on a new richness. The bill, which also included the New Standards from Minneapolis and the evening’s star, Lesley Gore, was assembled by Bill Bragin of Joe’s Pub, who works with the TED team to help choose some of the musicians for each TED. At the show: Rives (watch his TEDTalks) and Majora Carter (watch her TEDTalk).
Photo: Jill Sobule and Ethel’s Cornelius Dufallo. Courtesy Marla Mitchnick