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Fellows in the Field: Michael Karnjanaprakorn envisions everyone as student and teacher

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And … action!

From artists to open-source engineers, research scientists to political activists, documentary filmmakers, inventors, social entrepreneurs and beyond, TED Fellows are an extraordinary group of innovators and iconoclasts. Today we’re launching Fellows in the Field, a series of videos that will let us look in on the world of individual Fellows, shedding light on who they are, the work they do, and how and why they do it.

First up is Michael Karnjanaprakorn — CEO and co-founder of Skillshare, a community marketplace for peer-to-peer offline classes. Anyone who has something to teach can offer a class via Skillshare, where anyone who wants to learn can sign up. His vision: to turn every city and community into a campus, and every neighbor into a student and teacher.

We’ll be posting videos every other week, the first part of the series with the support of Lexus – so stay tuned!