Film beyond borders: The shorts of TEDSummit 2019

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Curated by Bruno Giussani, Jonathan Wells and CC Hutten, the short film selections at TEDSummit 2019 provided welcomed mental breaks in between talks.

TEDSummit gathers members of our global community for brainstorms, performances, workshops, outdoor activities, future-focused discussions. In addition to a diverse array of talks and performances, TEDSummit 2019 in Edinburgh featured a selection of short films that delighted the vibrant TED community and set the tone for sessions. Here’s the lineup of conference shorts screened at TEDSummit 2019.

All That We Share
In this unexpectedly unifying ad, strangers learn that familiarity is just one question away.

The creator: Asger Leth. Agency: &Co./NoA Copenhagen.

Shown during: Session 1, Weaving Community

MIRROR • Short story of similar objects from Tanello Films on Vimeo.

This extra-short film is full of delightful and oddly satisfying symmetry.

The creators: Grazia Pompeo & Fulvio Pucciarelli (Tanello Films)

Shown during: Session 1, Weaving Community

In a Nutshell from YK Animation on Vimeo.

In a Nutshell
This features exquisite sound design — a calming and surprising feast for the senses.

The creator: Fabio Friedli

Shown during: Session 2, Anthropo Impact

WRITER'S BLOCK - A Supercut from Ben Watts on Vimeo.

Writer’s Block
In this frustrating supercut of archetypal writers, well-known characters experience the purgatory of writer’s block.

The creators: Ivan Kander & Ben Watts

Shown during: Session 3, The Big Rethink

A righteous and vibrant animated poem written by Denice Frohman and created by our own team at TED-Ed. 

The creator: Robertino Zambrano

Shown during: Session 3, The Big Rethink

Stems from ainslie henderson on Vimeo.

This decorated feature showcases the raw and melancholy life of a stop-motion puppet. 

The creator: Ainslie Henderson

Shown during: Session 3, The Big Rethink

Pass the Salt
An extremely unnecessary way to pass salt at the dinner table.

The creator: Joseph Herscher

Shown during: Session 4, Business Unusual


An unsettling, mesmerizing timelapse of a newt embryo.

The creator: Jan van IJken

Shown during: Session 5, Stages of Life

Saturn in progress from Rémi Forte on Vimeo.

Saturn in Progress
Featuring real footage of Saturn, this grand short film makes viewers feel humbled by the vastness of our universe.

The creator: Rémi Forte

Shown during:  Session 5, Stages of Life

Beethoven’s Line Riders
Ride along with these animated sledders in this pleasing and minimalist Fantasia-esque short.

The creator: Mark Robbins

Shown during: Session 6, Not All Is Broken