Friday's hidden gem: Thom Mayne on creativity and vision

Each Friday recently, we’ve been featuring a TEDTalk that was posted early on in the TED.com experiment. Today’s hidden gem is from architect Thom Mayne, who says early on in his TEDTalk: “No matter what I’ve done, what I’ve tried to do, everybody says it can’t be done.”

Mayne talks about the job of an architect — or any creative person — as a negotiation between one’s internal world, the world of aspiration and vision, and the exterior world of limits. Finding creative ways to balance these two worlds involves remaining true to a vision while generating something useful and new.

Watch this talk >>

More: See a slideshow of Thom Mayne’s work (up to 2005, the year he won the Pritzker Prize for Architecture) at NYTimes.com.

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