From Madrid to Mexico City, New York to Nairobi, Shanghai to Sao Paulo: insiders pick hot spots in these hot cities

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Ever wondered where you might see revolutionary graffiti* in Cairo? Or been at a loss to find a Cuban cafe con leche** in New York City? Or really needed a beer in Madrid*** but wanted off the tourist-beaten track? Wonder no more. Our recent series profiling interesting innovators who live and work in cities around the world included a list of their favorite places in that particular metropolis. Below, a collection of annotated maps — just click on the pins to find out more about a  location. So, the next time you find yourself in Shanghai or San Francisco, consult these maps for insiders’ tips on where to head.

* on Mohammed Mahmoud Street in downtown Cairo.

** at Floridita in West Harlem.

*** at La Nieta Carmela, in the La Latina neighborhood.

Robin Nagle’s New York City, U.S.

Read the profile of Robin Nagle, trash anthropologist and long-time resident of New York City »

Check out Nagle’s favorite — unexpected — locations throughout New York’s five boroughs, in a gallery photographed by Ryan Lash »

Jason Sweeney’s Adelaide, Australia

Read the profile of sound artist Jason Sweeney, and find out why he describes Adelaide as “a prototype for what a developed city in the western world could be” »

See Sweeney’s favorite spots — and hear them in recordings made just for TED — in the accompanying gallery of Adelaide, photographed by Kristin Alford »

Gabriella Gomez-Mont’s Mexico City, Mexico

Read a profile of Gabriella Gomez-Mont’s life and work in “that beast of a city,” Mexico City »

And, see some truly fine-looking restaurants, cafes, quiet spots, museums and oases in this gallery of Mexico City, photographed by Felipe Luna »

Iñaki Romero Larrea’s Madrid, Spain

Read the profile of Iñaki Romero Larrea and find out more about the young architect’s dreams of building a better Madrid »

And, see the young urbanist’s favorite places (including a great place to head for a beer at the end of a long day) in this gallery of Madrid photographed by Vanessa Gonzalez »

Khurram Siddiqi’s Lahore, Pakistan

Read the profile of Khurram Siddiqi, telling the tale of his ongoing quest to turn Lahore into an easily-navigable city »

See the bustling streets and existing signage systems that make navigation such an issue, in a gallery of Lahore, photographed by Khurram Siddiqi »

David Li’s Shanghai, China

Read the profile of David Li, and his aspirations for his flourishing makerspace in Shanghai »

And, see the business district, Pudong, the Museum of Contemporary Art and other must-see spots in the city, in a gallery of Shanghai, photographed by Lawrence Wang »

Bahia Shehab’s Cairo

Read the profile of Bahia Shehab’s Cairo, including her thoughts on the revolution »

See images of Shehab’s treasured places in the Egyptian capital, including Tahrir Square, in a gallery of Cairo, photographed by Ohoud Saad »

Juliana Machado Ferreira’s São Paulo, Brazil

Find out more about Juliana Machado Ferreira’s life in São Paulo, including the places she goes to find peace and quiet amid the urban bustle »

And, see some of Ferreira’s favorite places, including a cool cinema and a great place to get junk food, in a gallery of São Paulo, photographed by Alessandra Fratus »

Juliana Rotich’s Nairobi, Kenya

Read the profile of Juliana Rotich and find out more about her life and work as a technology entrepreneur in Nairobi »

Want to pick up the best chapati in town? Fancy admiring some baby elephants? Head on over to this gallery of Nairobi, photographed by Joshua Wanyama »

Danny Squires’ Christchurch, New Zealand

Read the profile of Danny Squires, who describes living in a city suffering from earthquake-induced PTSD »

See how the city is rebuilding after the devastating earthquake of 2011, in this gallery of Christchurch, photographed by Clayton Prest »

Nurur Rahman Khan’s Dhaka, Bangladesh

Read Nurur Rahman Khan’s description of creativity, complexity and adda in Dhaka »

And, see the accompanying gallery of photographs of Dhaka, photographed by Mohammad Tauheed »

Chris Downey’s San Francisco

Read the profile of Chris Downey, describing his life as a blind architect in San Francisco »

And, see the accompanying gallery of the experience of navigating San Francisco, photographed by Marla Aufmuth »