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Gift idea: Make your own TED DVD

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TED-on-DVDIn her talk from TED2013, Nilofer Merchant inspired many to try walking meetings rather than spend hour-upon-hour in a chair. Now, this business innovator has another idea that you might want to adopt: giving the gift of TED to people on your holiday shopping list. In a blog post, Merchant put together a wish list of things she’d like to receive this season. In addition to a new Moleskin notebook and a boxed collection of all 23 Bond movies, Merchant requested a DVD of TED Talks.

It’s a service that not too many people know we provide — through our DVD On Demand program, you can pick up to six TED Talks and create a custom DVD for a friend or family member. Think of it like a mix tape … for ideas. DVDs on Demand cost $9.99 and can be shipped anywhere in the world. If you place an order this weekend, it may just get there for the holidays. Head here to create a new disc »