Google makes World Bank data visible

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Stats guru Hans Rosling writes to say the popular search engine, Google, is making 17 of the World Bank’s World Development Indicators available to search queries:

Subject: TED helps liberate data!
Here is very good news! As of today, the first hole to freedom exists in the data vault of the World Bank — and the data is now passing through Google search and reaching the world with added value in the form of Google Public Data graphics!

This is the first step toward the reality of the vision [TED] helped me launch through my TED2006 talk! Big change takes time … but this will change the world!


Chung Wu, on the official Google Blog, writes: “We hope this new data and our new embedding feature will help facilitate quick and easy access to public statistics. There are still many other data sets and sources out there, and we’re excited about the possibilities for the future.”

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