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Got a story you can’t share? Tell it, anonymously, to “Sincerely, X,” TED’s new audio series

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Think of a story from your life that you can’t tell anyone. Not because it reflects badly on you — in fact, you’re proud of the lessons you learned — but because of its effects on someone you love. A new-mom story that you’d never want your kid to hear. A high-stakes mistake on the job that made you a wiser person — but left lingering sadness and regret behind. Or perhaps you have an insider’s take on an exclusive milieu that few can imagine — and no one can talk about.

As a pilot for a new audio show, TED’s producers June Cohen and Deron Triff are looking for those stories. “Sincerely, X” will be a place where the ideas inside stories can come forward … without revealing the identity of the storyteller.

Listen to the first few episodes of Sincerely, X on Audible now >>

As Cohen says: “We’re not just looking for corporate whistleblowers or other traditional anonymous insiders — we also want to hear the personal lessons of learning and growth, the hard stories that create our worldview and make us who we are. For example, imagine a mom who faced and came through severe postpartum depression. She has a story, an idea, that could help other people — but she never wants her kid to know about her darkest thoughts as a new mom. How do we share her ideas with the world?”

The format of the audio show is carefully tailored to allow identities to be disguised, while the power of the story comes through.

TED is now looking for great ideas and stories to kick off the pilot. if you have one, use this form to submit it. All information will be carefully handled, as you might expect.