Graphic: Growing TED by giving it away

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Ogilvy Notes brings us Liisa Sorsa‘s graphic realization (click to see full size) of June Cohen’s talk this morning at SXSW: “Radical Openness: Growing TED by Giving It Away.” During this talk, June announced TED’s intention to open our API to coders to build new tools. A few more tweets from this talk:

From @SuziDafnis Openness isn’t easy. Takes time. It’s often easier to stay closed, to want to protect things.

From @RedheadWriting From #TED: when openness works – (1) clear goal that inspires (2) draw passionate user base #sxswi

From @jeroenvanerp: @JuneCohen: A global audience becomes a global team! #SXSW #TED

From @frijolita: #TED Talks evoke contagious emotions — when ppl have an aha moment, they want to share it. @junecohen #sxsw