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Great quotes from TEDxSummit

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Collected by Felicia Kamriani … nuggets of wisdom and insight from last week’s TEDxSummit:

“The bigger the dream, the smaller the competition.”
Javier Yunes, TEDxRosario

“The city you get is the city you build.”
Norman  Lee, TEDxManitoba

“The best team is the one you already have.”
Julian Dominguez Yates, TEDxRosario

“Don’t swim upstream.”
Alexander Jutkowitz, TED PR

“When you start a TEDx event you never think that you’ll end up having lunch with the mayor at the palace or skyping with UN officials.”
Marco Andrade Bueno Brandao, TEDxRio

“In France, we don’t have oil, but we have ideas.”
Christophe Dehais, TEDxPlaceDuCapitole

“The width of your wallet is not indicative of your ability to be a change maker.”
Lisa MacKenzie, TEDxManitoba

“The goal is to engage in a dialogue, but people are often not really listening to each other. They pretend to listen, but they just want to talk. I think our salons help people have pleasure from listening.”
Elena Khartchenko, TEDxAlbissola

“A ship faces big waves head on.”
Greg Scott, TEDxEtana

Photo: Kris Krüg