Green Issue Redux: 50 Ways to Help Save the Planet

060403mapr01_4 You’ve seen Al Gore‘s talk at TED2006, or you’ve bought your tickets on Fandango to see An Inconvenient Truth. He’s got you good and scared: we’re in deep trouble unless we DO something. So what exactly do we do? As part of their first ever Green Issue, Vanity Fair’s Daisy Prince and Emily Butselaar have compiled just exactly what I was looking for as a special web extra: 50 Ways to Help Save the Planet. (Remember 1989’s 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth?) Be sure to check out this list and try to implement at least one thing. Suggestions include replacing incandescent bulbs with compact flourescents, foregoing pre-heating your oven (not necessary), ditching the pre-rinse cycle on the dishwasher, try a clothesline (dryers are energy hogs), use natural paints, go veggie one day a week, and many more easy things you can do. VF also offers a great link collection of green organizations (Be sure to scroll below the fold). Finally, there is an online exclusive portfolio of 22 additional eco-heroes not included in the magazine. Please use the comments to post additional suggestions.