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Happy 4th Birthday, TEDx!

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TEDxSamsung celebrates TEDx’s fourth birthday last weekend.

TEDx is now 4 years old! This past Saturday, March 23, TEDx celebrated this milestone with a global birthday party, convened by TEDx organizers, volunteers and fans worldwide. There were cakes, candles, wishes and even a kite or two — all paired with enough enthusiasm to last another four years and beyond.

With 6,417 events in 149 countries and 1,777 cities over the past four years, and now more than 25,000 talks online, the TEDx program would be nothing without its ever-expanding network of dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

So, take a moment to toast them and 4 years of TEDx with this selection of favorite sweet treats and tweets from TEDx’s 4th:

imageTEDxGolfLinksPark in Bangalore, India, made TEDx a very impressive birthday cake — with sprinkles!

The mini birthday banner on TEDxZurich’s Swiss birthday cupcake just melts all of our hearts.

imageTEDxPortauPrince and TEDxUAEU curators celebrate TEDx’s 4th birthday together at Haiti Partners’ Children’s Academy on the mountains outside Port-au-Prince. This cake might have the best view of all TEDx birthday cakes.

imageTEDxYouth@Budapest sent over this photo with birthday wishes in Hungarian: Boldog 4. születésnapot TEDx!”

imageThe TEDxAnnaba team in Algeria eschews forks and knives to eat their TEDx birthday cake faster. We approve.

The TEDxCordoba team tweeted this picture of coconut birthday cupcakes with well-wishes in Spanish. Gracias, TEDxCordoba!

And a bonus, TEDx staffers celebrate at TED HQ with a gift of TEDx birthday flowers from TEDxWWF organizer Wee Ping Tan:


Happy birthday, TEDx! Here’s to many more!