Happy birthday, Sylvia Earle!

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“As the ocean gives us life, we must give back — an enduring gift from us to the future.” — Sylvia Earle

Today we celebrate 2009 TED Prize winner Sylvia Earle‘s birthday by celebrating the many successes in ocean protection that took place in 2011.


Sylvia recently told us the good news: “[This year there was] a significant increase in protection by the U.K. for the Chagos Archipelago, by Chile for the waters around Sal y Gomez, by Costa Rica for the Cocos Islands in addition to greater protection for sharks in Hawaii, the Republic of Palau, Honduras and the Maldives — and more! Pacific Island nations are collaborating in an effort to greatly increase the size and scope of safe havens for ocean wildlife. Awareness is growing about the need to reform fishing policies. Momentum is growing on many fronts, from the Sargasso Sea to the Ross Sea and beyond.”

But there is plenty more to do to build on this recent success. Recently Sylvia helped launch OceanElders, a group of leaders from around the world including Ted Turner and Sir Richard Branson, who have come together to shine a global spotlight on the need for ocean conservation.

We want to know how you are helping fulfill Sylvia’s wish. Join us in a new TED Conversation to discuss what steps you are taking to protect the ocean.

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— Casson Rosenblatt