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How much a video weighs and why the chicken crossed the road: 13 great questions from Vsauce creator Michael Stevens

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TED is in the business of online videos. And so we were very intrigued by this question from Michael Stevens, the creator of the popular educational YouTube channel Vsauce: how much does a video weigh?

In today’s talk, a TED-Ed lesson filmed at TEDActive, he answers. Watch it above to find out how to measure the immeasurable. But beyond that, Stevens also shares why he creates online lessons centered around off-beat questions.

“Asking a strange question is a great way to get people in,” explains Stevens. “Sparking curiosity is great bait—it’s a great way to catch a human. Once you’ve caught them, you can accidentally teach a lot of things.”

Below, some of our favorite questions Stevens has posed in videos.

What color is a mirror?

Is the five-second rule true?

What if every single person in the world jumped at once?

Why do we wear clothes?

Will we ever run out of new music?

What’s the most dangerous place on Earth?

How secure is your password?

How much money is there on Earth?

Is your red the same as my red?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why do we have two nostrils?

And finally, why are things cute?