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How to watch (or experience) TED all around the world

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Watch TED around WorldAcross the globe, anyone can watch TED Talks through, our YouTube channel, our mobile apps or our iTunes podcasts. (Have you checked out TED Studies on iTunes U?) Most recently, our new SmartTV app showcases TED in beautiful high definition through television set manufacturers like Samsung and telephone IPTV providers like TELUS, letting you browse our 1500+ talks on-demand.

But our globe-trekking distribution team has also created many special TED offerings to help spread ideas with the help of local partners. Here — as we get ready for TEDGlobal 2013, themed “Think Again” — a look at the ways you can watch TED around the world, in no particular order.

China: In China, there are multiple ways to get a dose of TED inspiration. Sina, one of China’s largest media companies (it owns Weibo, the Twitter of China), hosts TED Collections, eclectic playlists of talks around topics like Business, Education and Art. Youku, the second largest video site in the world after YouTube, has TED Shows — entertaining playlists of talks around themes designed for TV and movie fans. And NetEase, renowned for its Internet portal, offers TED Studies for universities.

Canada and the UK: TED Weekends on the Huffington Post, which brings together bloggers who take ideas inspired by a TED Talk through different twists and turns, is available not only through the Huffington Post in the US, but also in Canada and the UK. Coincidentally, TED2014 — our 30th anniversary event — will take place in Vancouver.

Japan: Public broadcaster NHK brings TED Talks to a national TV audience in Japan with the primetime series, Super Presentation! This program harnesses TED speakers’ persuasive ideas to help teach English, and empowers a new generation of independent thinkers. The show airs Friday nights at 11pm on NHK Education. Meanwhile, on June 15, Yahoo! Japan will begin offering TED Ideas in Business, a curated collection of talks designed to share wisdom in the workplace.

Argentina: Starting on June 15, TED10, our cable video on demand programming, will be available through Cablevision, the largest operator in Buenos Aires. In fact, Cablevision represents TED’s first partnership in Latin America of many more that we’re working on this very moment.

Brazil: TED is teaming up with the science and culture magazine Superinteressante to create idea visualizations — artistic representations of the underlying ideas in TED Talks. We’ll be bringing these visualizations to too. 

Australia: What about the “big screen”? No, not that lovely plasma in your living room … the BIG screens that you see in places like Time Square. In two weeks — to coincide with TEDGlobal 2013 — TED Talks will be broadcast in outdoor venues around the world, from Federation Square in Melbourne to Big Screen Plaza in New York City. Curated for outdoor viewing and transient traffic, this little experiment is another big way we’re finding to spread ideas.

Kazakhstan: Ideas Worth Spreading is a television series, which airs to a national audience on Bilim TV. The show takes the back-to-basics approach of airing TED Talks with clean introductory and closing slates, three times a day. Each evening during primetime, a TED Talk premieres in Kazakh with repeat broadcasts in Russian twice the following day.

Korea: TED Collections are available in Korean through TV Cast, a video site of Naver, the country’s dominant search engine. And just last month TED10 became available on all major cable systems in Korea, thanks to a collaboration with Home Choice. In addition, Korea Telecom serves up TED Shows to a fast-growing audience for its IPTV platform.

The Middle East: Soon MSN Arabia will join TED’s family by making TED Collections available in Arabic — covering 15 countries from Egypt to Algeria, Tunisia to Morocco. In partnership with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Higher Education, this September TED Studies will be made available to all universities for free in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Brazil: Here, TED Talks are brought to you via TED’s partnership with Netflix. TED Shows are also available on Netflix in the US.

Spain: The new TV show Buenas Ideas TED is a 13-part television series airing on TVE “La 2.” Shot documentary style, the series shows the Spanish cast and crew unpacking ideas from TED Talks as they discuss them, interview guests and visit local sites. Airs Sundays at 15:00.

Africa and beyond. Planning a trip to Namibia or Nigeria? Tune into the TED Radio Hour, an original 60-minute radio show (produced in partnership with NPR) that airs not only in the United States, but in Africa, parts of India, Australia, New Zealand, even literally up in the air with Delta Airlines. The TED Radio Hour – a sonic journey through ideas, inventions and fresh approaches to old problems – digs deeper into subjects broached on the TED stage. Hosted by Guy Raz, each episode looks at a central question, examining it through conversations with TED speakers and guests. Music and sound weave throughout each episode, bringing themes and concepts to life through vivid storytelling.

TEDGlobal 2013 kicks off June 10-14 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Check out information about attending or watching from home with TED Live »