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How to watch TEDWomen wherever you are

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It’s a short 3 days until TEDWomen opens in Washington, DC, Dec. 7-8. With hundreds of amazing attendees in the house and almost 100 related TEDx events around the world — it’s a global event, and you’re invited to join wherever you may be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

With so many TEDx for TEDWomen events, it’s likely there’s one near you. Some events are sold out, but others welcome signups and even drop-ins. Check the individual event page.

Though the deadline has passed for you to start your own TEDx for TEDWomen event, if you buy the TEDWomen webcast ($100), you’re encouraged to share the two-day stream with up to 10 friends, coworkers or family members. Curate some conversation during the breaks, or dive in to the live chat. (Webcast is available both live and time-shifted, and a few weeks after the conference you’ll get access to a DVD-quality chaptered stream of the entire event.)

There are lots of group screenings to join. The Paley Center is screening the full event in both New York and LA — sign up here for tickets. If you’re in New York City, come by the Urban Zen studios on Wednesday between 2:30-7 (Rsvp here). Watch this space for more new screenings — add new screenings in the comments below or via Twitter.

And if your schedule doesn’t permit you to watch online — please follow our coverage here on the TED Blog or on the @TEDWomen twitter stream, where we’ll be tweeting moment-by-moment coverage of speakers, sessions and activities, as well as RT’ing highlights from our global TEDx events. Editors from TED and the Paley Center for Media are looking forward to sharing the conference with you!