How you can join the TEDWomen community

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What is TEDWomen?

In 2009, Pat Mitchell was wrestling with a problem — she believed not enough was being done to get women on stages around the world, and that more women deserved to share their ideas on the TED stage. Women have always been a catalyst for change in the TED community, but at the time, there weren’t nearly as many women TED speakers as there are now. So, in December 2010, Pat Mitchell and Chris Anderson launched TEDWomen in Washington, DC as a one-time-only conference with the goal of capturing the evolving narrative around the global changes, challenges and accomplishments of women and girls. TEDWomen was built as a space for women, by women.

Over the last decade, that single conference has grown into an annual community gathering of the most influential women in the world, coming together to further the reach of women and girls and empower them to be creators and change-makers. The program of speakers, workshops, events — and daring discussions — has sparked some of TED’s most iconic moments yet … and we know the best is still to come.

What can the TEDWomen community offer you?

Ideas to multiply your impact

What you’ll hear onstage from our speakers about ideas that drive equality for women around the world will spark new ways of thinking, learning and living. You’ll have the opportunity to bring your findings back to your work, your home and all other areas of your life. And speakers aren’t the only ones with great ideas to share … you’ll also hear from and be inspired by your fellow attendees during deep-dive discussions, workshops and experiences. 

A curated community of inspiring people 

One of the most important aspects of TED is the people; our success lies in bringing together the most remarkable minds across many fields. We’re joined by artists, activists, researchers, philanthropists, visionaries and so many more inspiring people who are all looking to make connections. This community of changemakers, allies and activists will welcome you into a global community determined to build a better world. And TEDWomen isn’t just for women — anyone interested in a more equitable and fairer future is welcome to join this global community.

How can TEDWomen help you make an impact?

Get in touch with a new network of connections with the power to make the world a better place for women. Elevate the way you show up for women, and align yourself with people who can help you build your legacy. Within the community, you’ll find others who are alike or different from you in ways that matter and, while doing so, lay the groundwork for possible future collaborations and real relationships. 

As one community member said: “This was the best investment that I have made in my career. It made my heart sing to see so many inspiring people moving in the same direction and wanting to collaborate with one another.”

How to join the community

1. Attend a conference

The TEDWomen community actively seeks new members who are leaders in their field and who can make a strong contribution. Those joining us at an event will need to complete a short application to help us ensure we’re growing the community thoughtfully. If you do apply, we review each application in detail and look forward to reading yours.

The next opportunity to join the TEDWomen community is at TEDWomen Presents, held online from October 24-28, 2022. This five-day online festival offers interviews with leading women on change, work, rights, the future and joy. Expect a mix of live and on-demand programming, interactive workshops, specially curated film screenings and opportunities to connect. There are two options for how to experience the week: purchase a view-only Gallery pass, or apply for an interactive Connector pass. See membership details

Hear what attendees have said about our virtual events: “I was able to engage more deeply with other attendees. While I love the in-person events, something about the virtual nature made it possible to engage more and for longer. Especially in the breakout sessions.”

Our next in-person gathering, TEDWomen 2023, will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 11-13, 2023. Sign up now to be the first to hear when we start accepting applications.

2. Join the TEDWomen LinkedIn group

Want to stay connected, share ideas or engage with others in the TEDWomen community throughout the year? Join the new TEDWomen LinkedIn group and invite your friends, colleagues and allies as well.

3. Watch a curated playlist of talks

Start a conversation with your own community. Watch a curated playlist of 10 talks by women that everyone should watch, and share it with your inner circle.