How'd you get that scar? Notes from TED@Aspen Day One

2296316261_736ac232cd_m.jpgBefore the formal opening of TED2008, TED@Aspen-ites gathered early in the gorgeous Doerr-Hosier Center to answer their own Big Question. Today’s question: How’d you get that scar? Lining up on either idea of the stage, TEDsters rushed up to tell their stories in 30 seconds or less (at :30, the music comes up and cuts you off, Oscars-style).

We heard about emotional scars, body scars and the weird childhood injuries of several Australians. (There’s a huge Aussie contingent at TED@Aspen, it turns out.) At left, hosting committee member Taylor Milsal tells the story of a scar she got on a blind date.

Then we settled in to watch Rives lives on stage — and the awe-inspiring show from Monterey.

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