I am a virtual object: Marco Tempest tells us more about “A magical tale…”

In the video above, Marco Tempest and his collaborators onformative.com and checksum5.com show how they made the illusion in his latest TEDTalk. (More credits and info.)

So we asked Marco Tempest: “What do our viewers need to know to appreciate ‘A magical tale…’?” Here is what he wrote …

Magic has this unique ability to look beyond the limitations of current technology and imagine a possible future and give us a chance to experience what that future might feel like. In that sense I am like an inventor, but without the limits of what is actually possible.

In this piece I try to use magic to prototype or sandbox a possible future where 3D sensors and gestural sensing are intelligent and ubiquitous. Imagine the possibilities of a system like this for day to day communication or education. A digital storytelling tool for the future?

Technically I am combining a HD video camera with the depth camera of a Kinect. I myself become a virtual object on a virtual stage filmed by a virtual camera and projected behind me in real-time. All visuals are generated in real-time and the sleight of hand and augmentation are blended seamlessly to tell the story of storytelling and magic.

— Marco Tempest