Live from TED

Imagination: Roundup of TED2010 Session 9


Temple Grandin: If you have these smart geeky kids with a touch of autism, you need to get them turned on to cool things.


Chris Anderson (of Wired): We think the tablet is the future of magazines. Flexibility in design, plus interactivity. (He’s holding the March 2010 issue of Wired.)


Mitchell Joachim, a TED Fellow: Imagine growing your own home — out of meat. Read our Q&A with Joachim >>


Designer Marian Bantjes: On every job I ask: Does my work bring joy? inspire wonder? provoke curiosity?


Denis Dutton: Some of these beautiful, symmetrical Acheulean hand axes show no wear on their edges. What were they for? Perhaps they were art. Perhaps these ancient hand axes are not tools, but what Darwinians call “fitness signals” — like a peacock’s tail. “Why don’t you come up to my cave, so I can show you my hand axes?”


Raghava KK: I might look like a clean sweet boy. But I am capable of thinking anything!