In the Green: A series on climate action from TED Countdown and The Climate Pledge

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From emitting less carbon to using green materials, businesses across the world are committing to measurable climate action — but what exactly are they doing, and why? In the Green: The Business of Climate Action is a TED series, presented by TED Countdown and The Climate Pledge, that gives an inside look at the thinking, steps and vision that goes behind building more sustainable companies.

Tune in and meet senior leaders from around the business world as they share important lessons on reducing climate impact that can be applied to workplaces everywhere. In the first three episodes, delve into the environmental impact of buildings, how the seemingly mundane devices we use daily determine our footprint on the planet and how we can redesign business with nature in mind.

What does it take to decarbonize the buildings we spend the majority of our time in?

Electronics have a big role to play in the climate – here’s how to reduce their impact.

What can businesses learn from nature about greener practices?