Indiana Jones in the 21st Century: Saturday TEDTalks Playlist

Today’s playlist features modern-day explorers and adventurers: tech-savvy treasure hunters who search not for gold and rubies, but for enlightenment and answers for the future.

To do some exploring yourself, check out David Gallo‘s new Expedition Titanic: an ongoing deep-sea mission to create a 3-D map of the Titanic and preserve its wonders forever.

Robert Ballard searches for the secrets of the sea using new robotic technologies — driven by an overwhelming certainty of the value of life and resources at the bottom of the ocean.

  • Adam Savage is obsessed with off-the-wall artifacts; in particular the dodo bird and the Maltese Falcon. After some creative digging and impressive resourcefulness, he re-creates an unexpected spirit of these prized objects.

  • Jane Poynter shares the story of her 2-year residence in Biosphere 2, exploring how we might preserve a flourishing civilization in impossibly harsh environments.

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    Curator of this playlist: Rachel Tobias