Inspired by Al Gore: TEDTalks

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The TEDTalks archive is rich in proof that Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, speaking at TED and elsewhere, truly has the power to inspire action. Producer and activist Jeff Skoll heard one of Gore’s PowerPoint lectures and started the ball rolling on An Inconvenient Truth — a film and website that became an incredibly effective way to share the message on climate change.

John Doerr, the Silicon Valley financier, talks about a mind-changing conversation (like many of us had after An Inconvenient Truth) — sitting with friends at a dinner party asking, “What can we do about what Al Gore has told us?” Doerr, it turns out, is doing quite a lot.

Speaker Tony Robbins was moved by the way Gore — after the legendary disappointment of that 2000 presidential race — rebounded and found his passion. Look for the moment when Gore and Robbins share a high-five down in the front row.

Majora Carter, meanwhile, offers new ways for Gore to share his passion — by working with the thousands of people who are cleaning up the environment, starting in their own neighborhoods.

And after hearing Al Gore’s first talk at TED, Jill Sobule sat backstage and learned a new song.