Introducing TEDTalks

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Tedtalks_170x170_2Today, for the first time ever, we’re thrilled to present some of the most remarkable talks from TEDs past. We launch with six from this year’s conference — Al Gore, Tony Robbins, David Pogue, Majora Carter, Hans Rosling and Ken Robinson — with more coming weekly. All the talks are downloadable as audio or video, searchable and free.

It’s a big moment for us: Until now, the TED experience has been limited to 1,000 people each year. But we believe passionately that these talks deserve a much wider audience. Now — thanks to the maturation of online video and podcasting, and a visionary sponsorship from BMW — we can share them for the first time.

TEDTalks are designed to fit into your life: You can subscribe, to easily receive updates each week. There’s an audio series (produced with WNYC/New York Public Radio) that commutes well, as well as the video series, offered on this blog and TED.com, and downloadable through iTunes. Plus, the talks are fully searchable, so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our intention here isn’t to draw attendees (TED2007 already has a long waiting list), but simply to share these profound talks — which have had such great impact on us — with the widest possible audience. They’re ideas worth spreading. So whether you’re a TED veteran or virgin, we encourage you to clear your schedule and watch at least three talks, back to back. They have a cumulative effect … — Chris