“Is the internet, not formal education, the great equalizer?” Join this TED Conversation

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It’s a big question:  “Is the internet, not formal education, the great equalizer?” — and it’s been generating lively discussions in our TED Conversations community. If you’ve been thinking about this too, sign in to and join the debate; it’s on for another 24 hours.

Responses range from :

“The internet is a powerful tool in self-education. I personally am only in university because I need an Honors/ PhD to do research, but when I actually study, I prefer searching the internet or reading books and journal articles as opposed to relying on lectures…” (Reply or comment >>)

“There are tons of good sources available — just look at and But how would someone know to look there? That is one part of the internet literacy puzzle.” (Reply or comment >>)


“The Internet is a phenomenal tool but I expect that, certainly at this point, it is the opposite to an equalizer, especially versus a formal education.”  (Reply or comment >>)

“Formal education and the Internet are not necessarily analogues. The Internet is a tool for dispersing and interacting with information, while a formal education can be a myriad of programs created by humans for any number of purposes.” (Reply or comment >>)

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