Live from TEDGlobal 2017

It’s Nov. 18. Can we make jokes about Mugabe yet?

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Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube writes: If you are about to watch my TED Talk, then you are watching the first one to have an expiry date. You see, when I went onto the red dot I was afraid, I was petrified — and this was not because of an ’80s tune or the fear of speaking in public on such a big stage. My fear was about my President Robert Mugabe. For 37 years of my life I have been filled with the fear of Mugabe, and coming to TED was my opportunity to show off my talent as a comedian, but fear got ahold of me through veiled threats from his agents about the content of my comedy.

So back to the EXPIRY of this talk… Today is the 18th of November and a historic moment for our country. Our army has seized power and as we speak we are all going out to the street to march for our FREEDOM. Today I march to end my FEAR. After you watch this, Mugabe may no longer be our PRESIDENT and I will no longer be afraid. Watch this TALK and see me when I used to be AFRAID to tell jokes! NOT ANYMORE! I am Carl Joshua Ncube and I fear nothing!