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James Nachtwey's photos projected around the world: pics!

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The Flickr set James Nachtwey Projections 2008 collects photos from last night’s worldwide photo event — projecting James Nachtwey’s powerful photos of XDR-TB in cities on all 7 continents. Nachtwey’s photos of the growing XDR-TB epidemic, a deadly new mutation of tuberculosis, are meant to raise awareness of this disease. Because awareness is precisely what will help stop XDR-TB. Visit XDRTB.org to see James’ photos and sign the petition (you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker).

And please add your photos of last night’s event — or of a screening you’ve organized on your own — to the Flickr pool.

The photo above comes from the Emergency Room, which is tracking how this story breaks around the world, starting with bloggers and reaching throughout the media.

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