Join a TEDActive Project!

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Welcome to the TEDActive 2012 Projects! Whether or not you’re attending TEDActive in Palm Springs next week, you’re invited to join a few brainstorms and get ideas flowing around six big topics. Jump into the online discussions, find other amazing people and spark collaborative conversation on Facebook.

There are six projects listed below. Read the questions that drive each one, and join up with the TEDActive Project groups that intrigue you most. The Projects harness the huge energy and optimism of our community to dream up answers to big questions. Our diversity of cultures, backgrounds and talents come together to discover new ideas.

At the TEDActive conference, we’ll be capturing the story of each idea and sharing them in blogs, video and more, so our collective thinking can continue to help these ideas grow. Look our for updates through social media and on

Check out the Facebook groups listed below and the Project microsite, watch the very cool shorts that introduce each theme, discover more about the facilitators, storytellers and amplifiers that will catalyze your ideas. The conversations are starting — jump in and share!

The TEDActive Community and Commerce Project
In a networked society, how do we create community value?

The TEDActive Color Project
How can we use color as an effective tool?

The TEDActive Progressive Ideas Project
How do you bring a great idea to scale?

The TEDActive Health Project
How can collective wisdom around health and longevity improve every stage of life?

The TEDActive Urbanization Project
How will we better manage energy consumption in the city of the future?

The TEDActive Giving Project
How do we get individuals, businesses, and communities more engaged in the act of giving?

We can’t wait to see what everyone has to say!