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Want to talk about education? Inspired by TED Talks Education, our one-hour TV special that aired on PBS night, and this morning’s batch of TED Talks, here’s a roundup of some great TED Conversations you can join:

High school freshman Colin Petre asks: Is college really as important as our society today has made it out to be? Share your perspective with Colin »

Mary M asks: In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week: Who was your favorite teacher? »

David Newton proposes this idea: Rate educators based on their empathy alone. What do you think of that? »

Ann Ecker asks: What is your Six Word Story as a result of watching this TED? Share your six words »

(Here are a few:
I laughed, cried, smiled, nodded. INSPIRING!
I wish I had a Rita.
We learn when we are happy!)

If you want to talk about the TV special last night, join an open thread about TED Talks Education »

Or start your own TED Conversation, with an idea, a debate or a question »