A brand-new game from Kluster

2300994887_45819348df_m.jpgThis week at the Kluster lab in Monterey, TEDsters and contributors around the world brainstormed, designed and made a brand-new product in 72 hours — an educational game to raise cultural awareness (born out of inspiration of Dan Dennett’s 2006 TEDTalk). The rules:

This game is linear in nature, all players start out at the beginning of the route, the route consists of 21 stops. The goal of the game is be the first player to reach the end. the route will consist of spaces coloredto correspond to three separate type of cards. each color will represent a different type card to be taken by the player upon landing on that tile. results will determine if player moves forward.

We will develop topics for cards, which will raise awareness for different subjects/crisis’. Every organization can have their own set of cards for this game to raise awareness for their cause. as an example, if we were creating a game set which raises awareness about the global water crisis three different types of card could possibly look like:

Chances: your town hand pump just broke and the closest expert who can service it is two weeks away, move back 3 spaces

Actions: tell your competitors how you believe the best way to mass purify water without a large consumption of power

Questions: what % of the world population lives further than one mile from their nearest pure water source?

Check out Kluster build photos here >>