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Let classical music rock your world: Ji-Hae Park at TED2013

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Photos: James Duncan Davidson

Photos: James Duncan Davidson

“The TED Salon in Seoul was lit up by this performer, by her extraordinary passion for her music,” says TED curator Chris Anderson by way of introduction. He’s referring to the Talent Search auditions held in 14 cities around the world that provided the conference with 33 speakers this year. And in particular, he’s talking about Ji-Hae Park, who now takes the TED stage to wow us with her violin-based virtuosity. “Classical music can rock you!” she announces proudly.

Between songs, Ji-Hae talks about her own struggle with depression — and how she began to play music in churches, nursing homes, anywhere but the concert hall. “It set me free from the pressure of becoming a successful violinist,” she says — though she’s certainly become one of those too. As Chris says, her emotions come through in every note. “Do you feel like you’re all alone?,” she asks the audience. “I hope this piece will touch and heal your heart as it did for me.”


Ji–Hae’s talk is now available for viewing. Watch it on TED.com»