…like you give a damn

For a long time, TEDPrize winner Cameron Sinclair has encapsulated his philosophy in a slogan that recently turned into the title of his inspiring book: "Design like you give a damn" (see Cameron’s speech on TEDtalks – or if you are in New York see him live this coming Wednesday 20 at the NYPL). Now, helped by some free promotion provided by the New York Times, comes a new magazine called Good that has that very philosophy as its driving principle, spelled out on the cover of its premiere issue:


Ben Goldhirsh, the founder, describes it as "a passion for potential mixed with fierce pragmatism and creative engagement". The magazine, no pun intended, is good, and it will be controversial, and is innovative (including in its subscription approach: subscribe and the full amount of your fee – $20 – will go to a non-profit that you can choose among 12). Several past TED and TEDGLOBAL speakers are profiled or mentioned (Majora Carter, Jimmy Wales, Peter Diamandis).

But something’s puzzling: despite the statement on the cover there is no mention of Sinclair. How do they say? Mention sources like you give a damn.

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