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LinkedIn Influencers on TED2013: Tips for speakers, tips for conference-goers

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Nilofer-MerchantLinkedIn’s Influencers are 200+ of the thought leaders in their fields.  And since several of them will be heading to TED2013, both as speakers and as attendees, the site has invited several to write about the experience. Check out LinkedIn’s TED2013 feature page for these essays, as well as curated articles about the conference from around the internet. Below, some of our favorite excerpts.

Secrets from a TED2013 speaker: Preparing for the “Talk of One’s Life”

By Nilofer Merchant

A few days from now, I’ll be delivering a talk on the main TED stage. Right alongside Bono, the world-famous rockstar .

Giving a TED Talk is often characterized as “giving the talk of your life.” But this one is even more significant for me: It’s my chance to redeem myself. I spoke in 2012 at TEDGlobal, but I wasn’t thrilled with my performance. I did alright, but I didn’t deliver a seriously kick-ass talk, and I hope to apply what I’ve learned. Read the full of the essay »

How to Get the Most from a Conference

By Don Peppers

As an author and professional speaker I’ve personally attended more than a thousand conventions, conferences and trade shows in dozens of different countries over the last 20 years – big and small, open-enrollment and single-company, exciting and boring, entertaining and academic. Attending conferences is one of the perks of “living mouth to hand” as I do, and I almost always benefit in some way.

But not all conferences have content as thrilling as TED or networking opportunities as rich as SXSW. I’ve even found myself at one or two conferences that drew more speakers than attendees, which tends to suck the energy out of everything. So it pays to know how to get the most benefit from an event. Read the full essay »

The TED Talk that Changed My Company

By Geni Whitehouse

It was May of 2010. A group of accountants convened in San Francisco to gain pearls of wisdom from thought leader Edi Osborne and her team at Mentor Plus. She started the gathering with Simon Sinek’s video on Edi then lead us through a series of discussions that included a question for each CPA in attendance.

The video has a simple message, but its implications were huge. For most of us, it was easier to talk about how and what we did. Understanding why we were there and what we believed took some time. Read the full essay »

3 tips for TED Speakers (and other talkers)

By Dan Pink

Okay, so yeah. TED is amazing. It’s a culture-shaping, era-defining, not entirely uncontroversial extravapalooza that has earned the mind share, eyeballs, and admiration of tens of millions of global citizens. I had a chance to do a TED Talk a few years ago. And a short time after that, my pal Bruno Giussani, one of TED’s impresarios, asked me to write up some advice for future speakers.

In honor of this year’s TED conference, I’m reprising that guidance for LinkedIn readers — and anyone else trying to move others by standing and delivering. Here are my three key tips. Read the full essay »

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