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Listening to Nature: The speakers in Session 5 at TEDGlobal 2013

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Listening-to-natureThis session asks us to pay closer attention to what nature has to tell us — both about itself and about the world around us. We’ll investigate a variety of sources — from the soundscapes of ecosystems to the neurons of cockroaches to the extraordinary sex lives of animals.

Here are the speakers who appeared in this session of TEDGlobal 2013. Click the speaker’s name for a full recap of their talk:

Bernie Krause records the sounds of endangered biospheres. His soundscapes uncover nature’s rich sonic tapestry — along with some unexpected results.

Marla Spivak researches bees’ behavior and biology in an effort to preserve this threatened, but ecologically essential, insect

Science historian Sonia Shah explores the surprisingly fascinating story behind an ancient scourge: malaria.

Greg Gage helps kids investigate the science in their own backyards – particularly the electrical impulses that control the nervous system.

Reflective and precise, Yaron Herman plays piano jazz.

Suzana Herculano-Houzel shrank the human brain by 14 billion neurons — by developing a new way to count them.

Carin Bondar is an expert on the sexual life of animals — and loves to tell their wild sex stories.