MacArthur "genius" grant to TEDster Saul Griffith

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Saul_Griffith_2006_stageshot.jpgSaul Griffith (watch his TEDTalk) has been awarded a 2007 MacArthur “genius” grant.

Griffith is one of the brains behind Instructables, a community website that lets users share directions for … almost anything, from building your own home lathe to “How to Kiss.” His think-tank design firm, Squid Labs, has invented an array of new devices and materials — such as a “smart” rope that senses its load, or a machine for making low-cost eyeglass lenses through a process inspired by a water droplet — and has now spun off several separate companies to dig deeper into some of the technologies it has pioneered, including Potenco, which makes the groovy pull-string power source for the XO laptop.

Look for other talks on from MacArthur grantees, including Majora Carter (2005), Anna Deavere Smith (1996) and Amy Smith (2004). With more to come …