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Macy Gray creates TED playlist

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Do you still know every word to Macy Gray’s lovesick ballad “I Try?” Us too. In fact, Gray’s chart-toppling album, On How Life Is, still sounds as refreshingly modern as it did when it was released in 1999.

At TEDGlobal2012, Macy Gray took to the stage and got the audience on their feet with a medley of songs, including a re-do of Radiohead’s “Creep,” from her 2012 album Covered. Gray has been thoroughly enamored with reinterpreting the work of others lately—in October, she released Talking Book, an ode to Stevie Wonder’s classic album as it celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Now that Gray is fresh off an international tour and a jazz collaboration with saxophone legend David Murray in New York, we asked her: what TED Talks does she love the most?

Check out Macy’s playlist to find out the four talks she selected as her favorites »