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Matters of the heart: RuthAnne at TEDGlobal 2013

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Photo: James Duncan Davidson

As this amazing week of TEDGlobal 2013 winds to a close with Session 8: Altogether Now, the audience is still reeling from a shocking talk on the mighty roots of corruption by Charmian Gooch, founder of Global Witness. What better to help soothe the soul than the rich and sultry voice of Irish-born pop singer-songwriter RuthAnne Cunningham?

“TED for me, this week, has been about global communities, crossing borders and boundaries and coming together,” she says before she launches into her performance. Her first song is “Never Broke a Heart,” which touches on matters of the heart and RuthAnne’s most intimate experiences. On her YouTube channel RuthAnne keeps a song diary — another example of how personal her music is.


Photo: James Duncan Davidson

She plays two more new and unreleased songs: “All in Good Time” and “You Gotta Hold On,” even joining the band and playing the xylophone intro in the latter. ¬†She tells the audience, “When I was putting together my setlist for TED, I found another common thread: time. It’s about being ready to love or not being ready, about being hopeful for life, how everything’s going to be great — all in good time.” Be prepared to see these songs on her debut launch sometime later this year!

Here’s one of the songs that she didn’t perform, but is a good taste for what’s to come in the future: