Youth TED Conferences

Meet our TEDYouth teen reporters, Sadie and Nia

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TEDYouth reportersWoo hoo! TEDYouth is here, starting at 1pm EST. For this incredible event, high school and young college students from around the New York area are gathering at the Times Center in Manhattan for two sessions of talks from speakers ranging from artists to string theorists. Jay-Z’s music producer, Young Guru, will talk about the future of hip hop, science writer Carl Zimmer will reveal a parasite that turns cockroaches into zombies, and NASA flight director Bobak Ferdowsi will share how the heck he got a two ton machine to Mars.

Not in New York, or registered for the conference? No problem. The event will be fully livestreamed in English, Spanish and Arabic. Head to the livestream page now >>

We have two youth reporters on the scene who will be bringing you their impressions of the event as well as Q&As from the speakers. Meet them both after the jump.

Name: Sadie Cruz
Age: 17
School: El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice
I want to be a (though I know I may still change my mind): A journalist
Best book I’ve read this year: Kindred by Octavia Butler
Thing few people know about me: I really love to bake.

Name: Nia Ashley
Age: 18
School: Barnard College at Columbia University
I want to be a (though I know I may still change my mind): I want to run my own production company. I actually technically do. It’s called Upward Slope. I’ve helped my friends produce their projects and well as some of my own. I really just want to be able to do anything: write, direct, act, costume design, etc.
Thing few people know about me: I have a really long tongue.

Stay tuned for reporting from these fledgling journalists.